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Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

Date of Reading: 09/10/2007
Author: Jane Austen
Publisher: The Zodiac Press
Place: London
Year: 1956
        Is this the worst novel of Austen? I will say no, we have 'Northanger Abbey' to consider. But do remember, the worst of Jane Austen doesn't mean its a one starred book.
        It might be the influence of 'Pride and Prejudice' that put out the shine of this one. The parallels are too obvious -- three sisters, one tricked by a villain and finally the happy marriage after tribulations. But the male counterparts here are rather weak and plot also lacks the perfectness of the former novel. Mood is grave and please don't attempt to read this immediately after 'Pride and Prejudice', you are going to hate it.
         After the death of Mr. Henry Dashwood his widow and three daughters are to move to Barton cottage as the property is bequeathed to John, the son of his first marriage. The dying father has made him promise to look after his family, but the influence of his wife changed the mind of John.
        The three sisters are Elinor, Marianne and Margaret. The eldest one had a liking to Edward Ferrars, the eldest brother of Mrs. John Dashwood but as the family of his is not in favour, this comes to nothing (at least for now).
        At their new home, they get Sir John Middleton and Lady Middleton as neighbours and also make an acquaintance with Colonel Brandon who falls for Marianne at first sight. But this is nothing to her as her affections are laid elsewhere. She is once saved by Mr. Willoughby on a rainy day and he fits to her description of her perfect knight-at-arms. But after some courting he leaves to town suddenly, making Marianne all the more perplexed and devastated.
         Then comes the Miss Steeles and the youngest one Lucy discloses to Elinor that she is engaged to Edward Ferrars for four years; the news is kept in secret for fear of his mother. Elinor takes the news valiantly and during winter they visit London with Mrs. Jennings. Mr. Willoughby is found to be engaged and Colonel Brandon reveals another treachery of his to his niece who has been molested and left pregnant. Soon the news of Edwards engagement comes to open and Mrs. Ferrars disinherits him as expected.
        On returning to their place Marianne gets a terrible fever and Colonel Brandon comes to help. Later Edward also comes to visit and announces that his brother Robert has married Lucy, their engagement being a childish affair. In the end Edward marries Elinor and Colonel Brandon weds Marianne. Sense in the title represents Elinor and sensibility Marianne.

--- film (1995) is more interesting, especially the part of Marianne done by Kate Winslet. It won an Academy award and is nominated for six others including Best Picture. 



  1. Read it long back, want to read again~

  2. It was in my Masters too read it long back..remember nothing..cause books become boring once included in the syllabus..


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