Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Grand Sophy - Georgette Heyer

Date of Reading: 18/07/2012
Author: Georgette Heyer
Publisher: Ace Star
Place: USA
Year: 1950

          A story with a powerful heroine is always a delight and this hasn't disappointed. Something in it makes us spellbound to the core; there is nothing more to say. Though labelled as a romance, any indication of love is shown only at the very end, to give it some perfection it seems. That's good, because much of the pleasure is derived from Sophy's grand actions and clever repartee with Charles. There is nothing lacking in her, and no one could be this much proficient in both feminine and masculine arts. No wonder, her military friends nicknamed her as Grand Sophy. A must read work for anyone interested in a little fun.
         Sophy Stanton-Lacy comes to London to  stay with her cousins as her father Sir Horace has gone to Brazil for some diplomatic mission. Time period must be 19th century as there is some reference to the battle of Waterloo. Sophy is no ordinary girl -- being in constant travel she knows people and places, can handle a horse as well as a man, a good shooter and also has a clever head for business and also for understanding people. To this must be added her ability to bring up tears at will.
         What she encounters here is a house with internal turmoils. Her uncle Lord Ombersely has sunk the house with debts and now the elder son Charles Rivenhall is in charge of everything as he inherited a fortune from his great-uncle. This stern and hot tempered, son and brother causes much discomfiture to the family members. He is engaged to Miss Wraxton, a 'very tiresome girl' in Sophy's words. His sister Cecilia's condition is more pathetic -- she is infatuated with Augustus Fawnhope, a poet with no means. Charles, of course, prohibits the union and is in favour of Lord Charlbury. Hubert Rivenhall is also seems to be in some sort of fix.
Georgette Heyer
         Sophy springs into action without a moment to lose, and this whole novel is all about her attempts of making everything right. Cecilia and her poet lover is constantly put together against the firm objections of Charles and in the end her eyes are opened to the true love of Charlbury. Sophy's scheme succeeds and Charles is liberated from his engagement; Hubert's debt problems are also cleverly solved by her. Story ends with her engagement with Charles.


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