Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Shopaholic and Baby

Date of Reading: 14/06/2012
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Title: Shopaholic and Baby

          A calm, quiet and peaceful time, that is what every pregnant woman expects or is supposed to get. I don't know if anyone had to go through the agonies that Becky suffered; may be a lot of them fear the same. After all, will there be a story without troubles? This novel can't be surpassed by other shopaholic novels in providing pure comic relief.
          Becky's baby is shown fine and healthy in the scan in spite of the little accident she suffers, and now she is immersed in shopping baby things; shopping cures morning sickness too, which is an added advantage.
         When she hears about a new celebrity obstetrician who has just moved to London from New York, the temptation is too strong to resist; she makes an appointment and succeeds in persuading Luke. Venetia Carter, the doctor, turns out to be Luke's ex-girlfriend; they were together in Cambridge and had dated an year. This discomfits Becky a little, but . . . one has to be open-minded nowadays.
          Luke has got problems with the company as usual. He spends time with old friends (which turns out to be Venetia) and exchange messages in Latin. Becky is alert now and even employs a private detective which she soon regrets and calls off. But the guy turns up with some proofs of Luke being infamous with women and Becky realises that they are about Iain Wheeler of Arcodas group, Luke's new client.
         Her job in The Look is not that promising either; the shop has had a bad beginning. So she brings her designer friend Danny from America and they are back to the track.
         Terror strikes when Venetia confides to her that Luke and she is having a relationship and they want a divorce after the birth of the baby. Her nightmare has become a reality and to save the marriage, she writes a long tearful letter to Luke in Switzerland, hoping that they could start over again. Luke comes back immediately declaring that nothing is going on. He thinks Becky has misinterpreted Venetia's words.
          He has got serious troubles with the Arcodas group; they are harassing the employers. He doesn't want to distress her at this time and that was the reason for his moodiness. Becky provides the evidences concerning Iain's dealings and everything springs to action. The deal with the Arcodas is broken and the company is hemorrhaging money. They have to give up buying their new home.
          Before her much expected birth, she counters Venetia again and proves her true nature to Luke. They go back to the former doctor and their daughter, Minnie, is born.  

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