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Empyreal Fate - Rachel Hunter

Date of Reading: 11/07/2012
Author: Rachel Hunter
Subtitle: A Llathalan Annal Part 1
From: The author in exchange of an honest review
Publisher: Hydra Publications
Place: USA
Year: 2012
          'Empyreal Fate' is the first book in the series of 'A Llathalan Annal' and envisages an epic story. Book fares as an introduction and the real story has just begun towards the end.
          Smooth and elegant!, that will be the description I prefer though mixed feelings rise within. Language could pose a threat to some, but if you are acquainted with the style of Walter Scott novels, no need to perspire. Words are well-chosen and charming; Rachel has successfully created a medieval atmosphere.
          There is something missing though -- the humour element, the essence which I think make the readers take any work to their hearts. Isn't that the reason we love Dumbledore or Gandalf or Rhett Butler? The characters, Pinoque and Sethran, could have served this purpose. The first one, the companion figure, is apt to take the place of a Fool but is not given much role. As for Sethran, usually the communication between a father and daughter is full of repartee (even in real life) but alas! here it is not so.
          The rape scene came as a shock as it was totally unexpected in a fairytale kind of novel. Yet much discomfiture is aroused from the way its effects are described as if the lady's body is scarred beyond repair. Isn't that a pre-modern notion? Is it not the man who has lost his real innocence? Freiysuira who in the story stands for God or Fate, asking the Princess to surrender to be seduced, is incredulous too. Her words reeks of masochism.
           Ending is also vague. If it was a series published for a magazine, then stopping at the middle of the action would have been perfect. Here the hero has not yet realised his mission, no evil is vanquished and I felt like the character of an Italo Calvino novel -- betrayed. Still I like the book, otherwise why did I spend an evening imagining the possible outcomes?
Here is the story:
         Llathala is an imaginary land where magical and non-magical creatures roam. The western region is shared by man and elf, men in the city of Erandor and the elves in Androth. As always the race of man is in a wretched state with a brutal king, and it is around the farm boy, Darrion, the story revolves.
         To ease the hunger of his family, he goes to hunt in the forbidden forest of Illex, and there meets with the elven princess, Amarya. His elder brother, Drevan, considers this as treachery but when he is shot down by an elf, Amarya comes to the rescue. Far from being grateful, Drevan reports to the king and Darrion is forced to flee to the forest.
         Amarya is also in trouble. She is blackmailed into accepting the hand of evil Sir Laeryen and on the day of the engagement he brutally rapes her too. A vision warns her that this is inevitable to ward off the coming disaster to her people. She must not be a distraction to Darrion, the key to Llathala's future.
          But at the ceremony, Amarya refuses Laeryen and flees to the forest to Darrion. There Drevan kills her; she dies in the hands of her lover warning him against Drevan and the possibility of him possessing the evil sword, Daeanu.
        You do have great potential Rachel. It is great to publish a novel at the age of 19. All the Best!


  1. Nice review:) Story sounds good too

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The story sounds good, but I know I would be way uncomfortable with the rape scene! Good review though!

  4. Good review :D I agree that humor plays an important part in a book, so I will have to read it and review it too ;)
    All the best~

  5. Excellent review! While the subject of rape is always controversial, I don't pass judgment on any author who choses to include a rape sequence into their story provided it's used to demonstrate the evilness of a certain character and not just thrown in to sensational the story. Congrats to Rachel Hunter on having her work published at such a young age!

  6. Thank you, everyone; I appreciate your comments. And thank you, Finitha, for reviewing "Empyreal Fate". :)


    1. Thanks Rachel. Glad you liked it. We are waiting for the next book in the series.


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