Friday, 29 June 2012

Messenger of Truth - Jacqueline Winspear

Date of Reading: 24/8/2007
Author: Jacqueline Winspear
Publisher: Readers Digest (Selected Editions)
Place: Australia
Year: 2007

           This is the fourth book of the famous Maisie Dobbs series, a fact I was completely unaware at the time of reading. To make the matters worse this ubridged version has put out the flavours of the original and I actually thought it a waste of time. But a judgement is not possible without reading the original, and so I won't venture it.
          Maisie Dobbs series is much more than a mere detective story or so I have been told. The recurring theme is the effects of  the World War I in the British society, and here the focus is the Depression era - the 1930's.
           A controversial artist, Nick Bassington - Hope has been found dead on the eve of his eagerly awaited new exhibition, and it's Maisie's job to discover why. Police considers this as an accident, but his twin sister Georgina doubts a foul play and seeks the help of Maisie.
          Nick has participated in the World War I and is a witness to the death of Godfrey, his sister Nolly's husband. For Nolly, he is a war hero; the truth is to be revealed in the exhibition with one of Nick's pictures. So it turns out that their father Piers killed his own son to prevent the picture from coming out. Godfrey was killed and humiliated by his own soldiers for showing friendliness to a German soldier. Piers knew that the truth will break his daughter's heart. 

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