Friday, 13 April 2012

Tell Me Your Dreams

Date of Reading: 14/11/2006
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Publisher: Harper Collins
Place: London
Year: 1998

          Work is based on actual events and the incidents revolve around Ashley Patterson, the daughter of the well known surgeon Steven Peterson. Her co-workers are Toni Prescott, an outgoing singer and dancer, and Alette Peters, a shy artist; they do not get along well.
          Ashley fears that somebody is following her, trying to kill her. She even requests a police escort, but the next morning, the police officer assigned to duty is found dead. Two other murders have already taken place, with an identical pattern. All the murdered men had been castrated and were having sex before being murdered. Ashley is arrested for committing these and her father persuades David, an attorney who owes him to argue the case on her behalf. This, in a way, changes his life too.
         David finds through hypnotising that Ashley suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and the twist in the story comes when Toni and Alette are proven to be her alter persons who in fact is responsible for the murders. She is sent to Dr. Keller for treatment and David on winning the case decides to take criminal law again.
          Ashley's disease turns out to be the result of being molested by her own father during childhood. She gets cured and re-enter the world outside.

Rating: Splendid

         You will never forget MPD after reading this, and always will be intrigued by it.
--- Thanks to Roshni who recommended this book to me, who I am sure is reading this.

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