Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Tea Break

          My apologies for this brief interval . . . There was a storm at my place (not a domestic storm, but a real one!) and electricity was out for five days [lucky that the Rural Development Minister is from this place, otherwise it would have lasted a month].
          Well, at last it came and we were celebrating with a loud applause ( and other primitive sounds) . . . ktuck, the disaster struck again; the phone is out of order. It would not have troubled me much, if the Internet was not connected with it. And this has brought the depressed me into this cafe, totally pissed out as my time table has gone all wrong, and here I can feel my pockets being emptied too.
          But these days were not all that bad: I finished two books (almost), had a fierce quarrel with my sis for some bookmarks, an iron ladder on the terrace is thrown out by the wind, same fate to two cashew trees (my chili plants and fruit trees have managed to survive in spite of my brother's evil prediction); mother's bedroom is flooded with water, and dust behaved in the same way in papa's room.
          On the whole a great weekend, though I didn't like the bit about carrying water from the well. My hands still ache! 

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