Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Come Up and Be Dead

Date of Reading: 08/11/2006
Author: Shashi Despande
Publisher: Dronequill
Place: Bangalore
Year: 2003

          Kshama is a school mistress and she lives in the school house with cousin Devayani (Devi) and brother Pratap. Terrifying events in the story begins with the suicide of Mridula, a student. From her friend Sona, Devi comes to know that Mridula was pregnant. Pratap was one of her boyfriends and is intrigued with the matter. He has had a mental breakdown before and is now under the care of Dr. Girish.
          Soon Pratap is found fallen from a ladder in the garden; he dies in the hospital. Devi suspects it as a murder and together with Girish, she finds a piece of paper containing strange words from Pratap's table. Sona's mother, Mrs. Raman was the next victim; Inspector Prasad comes to investigate the murder and he gets the details of other murders from Devi.
          Sharmila, a friend of Sona, warns Devi that Sona is in danger and that night Sharmila gets seriously injured. Next day when Devi goes to a film, she notices the name of a movie in Pratap's paper; she hurries to inform the Inspector. Since Girish was there, he offers to take her in his car.
          Devi has fallen into the trap which she soon realises. Girish is the real villain. Sanjay was responsible for the pregnancy of Mridula and he killed Pratap with the help of Girish. Mrs. Raman was murdered as she came to know something of this. Sharmila intervened when he attempted to kill Sona too. The real brain of the incidents was Mr. Varma, a billionaire in the town, who has used virgin girls for prostitution.
          Inspector arrives just in time to save Devi and the criminals are arrested.

Rating: Not Bad

            Dont waste ur time reading this - not good as it sounds. Cover page is really good, we will be tempted.

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