Tuesday, 20 March 2012


           I am a hard pessimist. I believe no one is going to read this blog. So imaginary, non-existing reader. . .
          This blog concerns itself with book reviews. If you are a good reader, no need to pursue further. . . close the window and read a book. This is a place for non-readers or selective readers who are busy doing important stuff but also want to impress others with their literary knowledge.
          It would be better to tell a little about this writer. I have begun my serious reading at 8th standard when there came a rumour that soon a provision is going to be included in the syllabus insisting a student to read at least ten books. I used the opportunity to get an admission in our parish library and though the rumour proved false, it didn't prevent me from travelling to the amazing world of books. At that time my usual books were in Malayalam (my mother tongue) consisting mostly of children's literature, biographies and autobiographies.
          I have started keeping notes on books only at my graduate level. By that time and until now my chief interest is novels. Over the last five years my diary notes have reached a quantity of 252. And as I am jobless and penniless, with the prospect of an everlasting vacation, if I don't find some work soon . . . it wont be bad to share my notes.
          These are not standard reviews as you find in newspapers. I am a Post Graduate in English Literature with no respect whatsoever for literary theories and criticisms and for those who practise them.They think a book great if a common reader can't make the head or tail of it.
          Well, here I am making a new criteria. If the particular book can make some pleasant vibrations in the brain during the process of reading and can make an imprint, then it is a good work. Here I will give ratings of my own and will also burden you with the date of my reading, publisher's name, year of publication, place of publication etc. [A habit I got from C.V. sir, who you have noticed is known by his initials].
          These little notes consists of a small summary of the plot with my own impressions on the work. I am just copying from my diary with some modifications as I am certain my mind has improved over the years. I hope this will never end, and I wish the same for my reading habit. . .


  1. Congrats Fini... firstly because u, unlike me, finally thought of doing something during vacation (i would prefer to call it so.) secondly, for this wonderful attempt..i know your pessimistic self wont believe it..but i did read the whole thing to date...keep up the work..and like most of us, don't stop it halfway through.... :)

    1. Thank uuu... thats very sweet of u. I do believe u


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