Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Child of Miracles

Date of Reading: 20/08/2006
Author: Rev. Frederic P. Gehring, C.M. with Martin Abramson
Publisher: Echo Books
Place: New York

          Book narrates the true story of Patsy Li. She is the daughter of Ms. Ruth Li who lives in Singapore. During World War II they left their country in a ship which got bombed by the Japanese. Her little sister drowned and her parents had a narrow escape. Patsy was left in a suitcase, she floated over water and later found by Japanese. They tried to kill her but some natives found her in a terrible state and brought her to Fr. Gehring who was in the American Army in China. Patsy recovered and he put her in an orphanage after giving her the name Patsy Li which later turned out to be her true name. Fr. Gehring's Chinese name was Li.
          Her mother found her after several efforts but they didn't get along well. So Patsy was sent to America with Fr. Gehring and began her studies there. After acquiring a graduation in Nursing, she joined her mother again. Later she got engaged with Joe who had a narrow escape from death in the attack of thieves. But after that their marriage proceeded peacefully. Joe's last name was Lee (Li in Chinese) and she became Patsy Li forever. She is indeed a child of miracles.

Rating: Good

          Nothing could be added to a real story; so allow me to say truth is stranger than fiction.
--- an article about Patsy Li has once appeared in Readers Digest.
--- thanks to Jiji Brother who gave me this book.

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